Green Building & Green Cleaning

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The Sonoma County Asthma Coalition supports the latest innovations in green building technology that not only create more energy efficient homes and living spaces, but also create healthier indoor air quality environments that reduce asthma triggers and other negative health impacts.

The “Build It Green” or BIG and “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” or LEED are the two green point rating systems that are used for residential and commercial construction.

Indoor Air Quality / Health Rating Points

Green building rating systems include rating points for indoor air quality/health. Builders may earn points by using products that contain low/or no levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)s which are known asthma triggers.

Other rated items that may impact indoor air quality include: more efficient heating & air ventilation systems, cabinets and flooring that contain reduced formaldehyde, and low VOC paints and sealants.

Sonoma County is leading the way in green building technology with five of the nine cities having adopted some type of green building policy with others soon to follow.

Most programs have started as voluntary efforts but as support has grown cities are moving to make green building programs mandatory.

The move towards adopting green building standards is one more step for Sonoma County in meeting our green house gas reduction targets by the year 2015.

For more Information on green building rating systems see Build It Green or the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED.