Planning Healthy Communities

Santa Rosa Prince Gateway Park Pedestrian Bridge

Why Planning Matters

Where bikepaths are placed, where affordable housing is built, where public transit is directed, and where business and industry are located all have a significant impact on exposure to asthma environmental triggers, such as air pollution.

Community planning decisions can have a long lasting impact on local health conditions in our community. They can help prevent, or in some cases create, health inequities for some neighborhoods.

In 2007, the Sonoma County Asthma Coalition submitted recommendations to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for the county’s General Plan 2020 revision process. The Coalition’s recommendations focused on improving air quality through the implementation of comprehensive green building standards, improving zoning to allow more walk and bike-ability to schools and in neighborhoods, and supporting existing greenbelt community separator zones to prevent urban sprawl.

We believe that active engagement in the planning process for the cities and county will lead to more healthier, asthma friendly communities.

Supporting Sustainable Development Principles

The Sonoma County Asthma Coalition supports sustainable development principles that encourage healthy housing and schools.

Planning for Healthy Places

For more information and planning tools on “Planning for Healthy Places” go to the Public Law and Policy website, an organization that “works to engage public health advocates in the planning decision-making process throughout California.”